Cooperative learning is a complicated instructional

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Unformatted text preview: e nature of assigned task and materials, students’ personalities and students’ interpersonal skills can influence the success of cooperative learning (Cohen, 1994; Cohen, Lotan, & Catanzarite, 1990; Webb & Farivar, 1994; King, 1991; Tudge, 1990). For example, teachers need to assign learning tasks that can be better accomplished by working with others than by working alone (Cohen, 1994). If learning tasks are provided that best could be accomplished working alone, students may see no reason to develop positive interdependence in their groups. Also, students’ personalities need to be considered in forming groups. Tudge (1990) found that highly confident but less competent students can convince less confident but more competent students to accept a less correct perspective on a problem. Getting started with cooperative learning. Cooperative learning is a complicated instructional strategy. At the end of the chapter, we provide some web resources for gaining additional information about thi...
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