Discovery learning and inquiry training are two

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Unformatted text preview: ). Instead, students need to be involved in activities that encourage them to invent or formulate their own understandings. A number of instructional strategies have 50 been developed that are consistent with this intent. In general, these strategies are referred to as inductive or student-centered strategies. Inductive Teaching Strategies Inductive teaching strategies initiate learning through students’ experiences. Sometimes these experiences occur naturally, or sometimes teachers provide them. Students’ goal is to construct an understanding of these experiences by analyzing and interpreting these experiences. Through their attempts at analysis and interpretation, students hopefully also improve their skills as researchers and investigators. Discovery learning and inquiry training are two examples of inductive teaching strategies. Discovery learning. You may remember from chapter 5 that discovery learning is a key instructional concept in Bruner’s cognitive developmental theory. According to Bruner (1967),...
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