First effective feedback should immediately follow

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Unformatted text preview: effects of feedback, their guidelines for effective feedback are very similar to their guidelines for effective use of reinforcement. First, effective feedback should immediately follow the occurrence of the target behavior. The importance of immediate or at least timely feedback has been supported by research on instructional feedback. For most typical classroom tasks, teachers should provide feedback as soon as they can (Kulik & Kulik, 1988). 12 Providing immediate feedback to a large number of students can be challenging, but technology may be able to help with this problem. For example, web-based homework can be combined with a feedback database that provides students with feedback about their answers, and an opportunity to re-try (Hall, et al., 2001). Second, feedback should be scheduled like reinforcement. Learners should have ample opportunity for feedback when they are first learning, then the opportunities for feedback can be reduced once the behavior is established. This is essentially an application of the schedules of reinforcement idea from Chapter 2. Instructional feedback as information. Subsequent research on instructional feedback also suggests that feedback...
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