For example earl 1982 described a demonstration film

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Unformatted text preview: to later steps may help students understand the importance of executing earlier steps more carefully. For example, Earl (1982) described a demonstration film for showing students how to conduct an experiment measuring the effects of chemical and electrical stimulation on a frog’s heart. By first seeing later steps in the procedure, students were less likely to make critical mistakes in the first incisions they were asked to make. Research comparing the effectiveness of these approaches has provided mixed results in terms of which is most effective (Spooner & Spooner, 1984). To a large extent, your decision about which approach to use should be based on your experience. You’ll need to determine which approach works best for your learners and the skills you need to teach. Principle 2.3: Learning Results From the Effects of Stimuli on Behavior In order for learning to occur, behaviorists suggest that students must successfully practice the behaviors they need to learn. They have developed some instructional techniques that are designed to help students practice more effectively. 10 The Ge...
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