For example a comparative advance organizer can use

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Unformatted text preview: perceive it as a sign that they have low ability. Consequently, you need to help students feel more comfortable about requesting help. For example, students tend to feel more comfortable about requesting help if activities are introduced as ways of building competence, rather than as measures of students’ ability. Research on individual interest and text learning has found that students are more likely to read for understanding and to engage in strategies that produce 71 deeper levels of processing when they are interested in what they are studying (Schiefele, 1991). There are a number of ways, you can connect to students’ interest through your use of instructional techniques and strategies discussed in this chapter. For example, when you ask the “What do you want to learn?” question during K-W-L, you can invite students to suggest topics that they would like to study. Another way to capitalize on students’ interests is to provide instruction that is connects to their experiences (Keller, 1983). For exam...
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