For example a math teacher may have students work

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Unformatted text preview: al sequence. For example, teachers should begin by teaching prerequisite skills for later skills. Additionally, teachers should employ techniques like spatial/semantic organizers, signals, and outlines to help students follow the organization of a particular lesson. • During the presentation, teachers should provide students with frequent opportunities to respond and to receive feedback on their learning. This is called checking for understanding. For example, a math teacher may have students work problems on small white boards at their desks. Each student can then show her or his work. • Teachers should provide students with opportunities for guided practice. Guided practice is when teachers supervise students as they 36 practice by providing feedback, prompts, and encouragement as students practice what they have just been taught. For example, an English teacher might give students some sample writing to edit while she circulates around the room providing guidance. Lesson ending. Direct instruction lessons sh...
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