For example in roots and wings students demonstrate

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Unformatted text preview: ch science or social studies questions, but in the process of that research they improve their reading comprehension and ability to use technology. Roots and Wings requires students to integrate concepts and skills from science, social studies, reading, math, technology, and the fine arts. Collaboration Problem-based learning usually includes opportunities for students and adults to work together in small groups to answer questions or solve problems. Often the teacher takes the role of a tutor who helps students make connections and who monitors their learning, manages their group work, facilitates discussion, and challenges students’ thinking (Diana, et al., 2002; Ngeow & Yoon-san, 2001). However, students may also take the role of tutors or content experts for their groups. Artifacts or Exhibits Students are asked to demonstrate their learning through presentations or exhibits. For example, in Roots and Wings students demonstrate their learning through public debates, concrete models, and t...
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