For example what are the limits on both free

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Unformatted text preview: it adaptation. In social studies, you could relate lessons on the bill of rights to an advance organizer that describes the tension that often exists between the rights of the individual and the rights of society. For example, what are the limits on both free expression and censorship? Comparative advance organizers present similar or related ideas to the ideas you are going to teach. The purpose is to help students compare and contrast the new ideas with other similar ideas in their existing knowledge. If we continue our family tree analogy, brothers and sisters are related, but they are likely to be similar and different from each other in important ways. Both the similarities and differences are important for understanding these siblings. By analogy, the 22 comparative advance organizer helps students focus on the similarities and differences between related ideas. For example, Ausubel and Youssef (1963) improved learners’ retention of information contained in a reading passage about Buddhism by having students read in adv...
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