General purpose software can be used to support

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Unformatted text preview: As the year progresses, we develop our own on-line research data base.” For some constructivists, the creation of a product that can be shared with others is more than just a culminating activity. The process of creating these 65 products can help students clarify and even deepen their understanding (Evard, 1996). For example, constructionists design learning environments where students are engaged in explorations that lead to an external product that can be exhibited, examined, and evaluated by others (Pappert, 1990; Tucker, 1998). Through the process of externalizing their thinking through a product, students can receive feedback and information that clarifies and extends their thinking. Technology and Cooperative Learning A growing body of literature suggests that students find that cooperative work is easier to accomplish, and more motivating when supported by technology (Roblyer, Edwards, Havriluk, 1997). General-purpose software can be used to support cooperation in a number of ways (Denning & Smith, 1997). For example, students can use computers to keep records...
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