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Unformatted text preview: re 7.1. Programmed learning examples. Linear Program Example Programming Frames Feedback Provided 1. With linear programmed instruction each student goes through the frames of the program in the same sequence. In a linear program, every student would go to frame _____ after completing frame one. Two 2. Linear programs require a constructed response from the learner rather than having learners select a correct response from options. Linear programs would not use ________type test items or questions. Multiple choice or true false Note: After students write their answer, the correct answer is revealed to them. 76 Branching Program Example for Reinforcement and Punishment Mr. Jones tells students that if the work hard in class, they won’t have homework. The students work hard. What consequence is being applied to the students’ schoolwork behavior? a. Positive reinforcement b. Negative reinforcement c. Punishment I d. Punishment II Answer b Answer c or d This answer is correct. Go This...
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