However rather than prompting a particular behavior

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Unformatted text preview: sked to suggest an alternative behavior. Later, students rehearsed or role-played their alternatives. This combination of treatments was effective for increasing students’ pro-social behavior. Constructivist View of Teaching Constructivists tend to focus on the design of classroom environments that support students’ construction of their own knowledge. Consequently, their contributions are more in the nature of instructional strategies than instructional techniques. You will notice, however, as we discuss these instructional strategies that constructivists have adopted and modified instructional techniques and strategies that we presented earlier in the chapter. For example, they will prompt or cue students as they scaffold their learning. However, rather than prompting a particular behavior, they tend to prompt students’ thinking and problem-solving 49 processes. Also, from a constructivist perspective, teachers are viewed as guides or facilitators of student learning rather than as deliverers of instruction. This is an important difference wi...
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