I then assign some problems for homework i use the

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Unformatted text preview: ould end with a review of the key points in the lesson and with opportunities for independent practice. Independent practice is when students practice what they have learned on their own, as in the case of homework or a test. Here is how Stan Pierce uses homework when he uses direct instruction with his high school geometry class. • ‘I I like to work a few problems together with the class. I allow them to ask questions to make sure they understand. I then assign some problems for homework. I use the homework to introduce the next lesson. We review the homework and talk about how it relates to today’s lesson. Effectiveness of Direct Instruction Critics of direct instruction have suggested that teacher-directed and controlled instruction is antithetical to current research in learning that suggests a more student-centered view of instruction. Direct instruction has also been described as a method that promotes learner passivity, that emphasizes part-towhole learning rather than integration, and that fails to capitalize on learners’ intrinsic motivation (Weinert & Helmke, 1995). 37 However, a large number of classro...
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