If a teaching strategy is not used well then the

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Unformatted text preview: r, & Engel, 2000). If a teaching strategy is not used well, then the technology used with the lesson is likely to be ineffective also (Driscoll, 2001). The selected technology application may be less important for successful learning than factors such as the nature of the instructional activity and the characteristics of the learners (Abrami, 2001) Educational technology, therefore, is more likely to be beneficial when it is used in thoughtful ways to support teachers’ goals for their students (Bloome & Kinzer, 1998; Clements & Sarama, 1997; Schrock, 1994). Decision-making with technology. What does the thoughtful use of technology involve? How can you avoid just using technology for technology’s 5 sake? We think the following questions are useful in making effective decisions about the uses of educational technology discussed in this chapter. • What are the capabilities of a particular technology application, and what types of learning outcomes are supported by the technology? For example is it a drill and practice...
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