In terms of attribution theory students need to

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Unformatted text preview: vide a variety of learning experiences in you classroom. Motivation Principles and Classroom Teaching In Chapter 6, we developed these four general principles from theories of motivation that can inform your use of instructional techniques and strategies. • Principle 6.1: Learners Are More Motivated When They Believe That Their Actions Will Result in Successfully Completing Challenging Tasks. • Principle 6.2: Learners are More Motivated by Activities that Appeal to Their Personal Needs, Motives, and Interests. • Principle 6.3: Learners are More Motivated When They Have Specific Near-Term Goals That They Believe Are Important. 69 • Principle 6.4: Learners Are More Motivated When Appropriate levels of Variety, Choice, and Surprise Are Incorporated into Lessons. Successful Completion of Challenges Principle 6.1 suggests that students will be more motivated if they believe there is a relationship between their effort and their success on challenging tasks. In terms of attribution theo...
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