Microworlds provide one example of this use of

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Unformatted text preview: echnology assisted projects. In Community of Learners, students are often cast in the role of teacher or presenter for the information they are learning. They dialogue with other students and the 61 teacher to help improve their understanding, and they learn their material in such a way that they can convey it effectively to the community. Technology and the Construction of Knowledge As we have discussed, constructivists want teachers to create complex learning environments that encourage students to explore, invent, and discover. Technology can help establish and manage these types of learning environments in a number of ways. Authentic Learning Environments and Technology Technology-based simulations can create authentic learning environments by allowing students to apply knowledge in ways that may not be possible or economically feasible with more traditional classroom approaches. Microworlds provide one example of this use of technology. Microworld is a term coined by Pappert (1980) that usually refers to computer-generated models that can be manipulated by students to help t...
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