Read and say the question list important information

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Unformatted text preview: ram, and make decisions about how students need to be taught. An intelligent tutor assesses the differences between students’ understanding of a domain and the expert knowledge base it has stored. Then based on a model of students’ understanding, the intelligent tutor provides assistance that is tailored to students’ understanding. Discover is an example of an intelligent tutor for teaching secondary students and adults how to solve story problems (Steele & Steele, 1999). Through Discover, students learn the following steps for solving story problems. • Read and say the question. • List important information. • Make a picture. • Choose the operation. • Estimate the answer. 43 • Write the equation. • Solve the equation. • Check your answer. Discover is based on the Strategic Interventions Model (SIM) for strategy learning (Lenz, Ellis & Scanlon, 1996). Students are assessed to determine their initial level of expertise, and then they are exposed to a series of teaching modules based on their existing knowledge and their performance within the program. As a result, the tutoring is t...
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