Reviewing prior learning has a number of potential

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Unformatted text preview: elps my students see how today’s lesson connects to previous lessons.” 20 • Olivia Begay goes over the algebra homework she assigned for last night before she goes on with her lesson for today. Reviewing prior learning has a number of potential benefits for students besides activating relevant prior knowledge for the current lesson. First, it can provide additional rehearsal or practice for the reviewed material. Second, you can use the review to determine which of your students lack relevant prior knowledge or have learned misconceptions. Finally, the review can help students space or distribute their learning over time, which has been consistently been found to help students retain what they have learned (Dempster, 1991; Rosenshine & Stevens, 1986). Advance Organizer. The advance organizer was first introduced formally by David Ausubel (1963, 1968) as part of his theory of meaningful learning. An advance organizer is material that is presented prior to new learning that helps students link new learning with more general and inclusive prior knowledge (Hatch & Dwyer, 1999; Schwartz, Ellsworth, Graham,...
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