Support structures deigned into software can also

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Unformatted text preview: n Information Source One major reason why students have difficulty discovering new knowledge is that they lack appropriate prior knowledge (DeJong and von Joolingen, 1998). This includes both academic content knowledge and knowledge of how to conduct an experiment. For example, students may not know how to frame a hypothesis or how to design an experiment that matches their hypothesis. Students can use CD ROM technology, computer programs, and appropriate web sites to help them gather necessary academic content knowledge. In fact, some applications like the American Schools Challenge Zone ( provide links to web sites where students can immediately access information 63 they need for their problem solving. This direct connection to knowledge can be very relevant to students because they are accessing information to address an immediate need (Berry & Broadbent, 1987). Support structures deigned into software can also increase students’ knowledge of the scientific method (e. g. hypothesis formation and research design). For exa...
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