Techniques to focus learners attention 26 at times

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Unformatted text preview: que is used. For example, learners’ interest level for a lesson and their prior experiences with similar lessons can influence how they respond to a technique. Also, you need to remember that the same technique can be designed to influence more than one basic process. Techniques to Focus Learners’ Attention 26 At times, you have specific information or skills that you want your students to learn. It may, however, not always be readily apparent to your students what those are. A number of instructional techniques have been identified that can help students know where to focus their attention. Providing learning objectives. Providing your students with learning objectives is one way to help them identify the important information in a lesson or reading assignment. Consider this example. • Sally Ord likes to begin her lessons by identifying the key points that need to be learned form her lesson. “I say things like, ‘When we are done, you should know the following things, or be able to do the following.’” Generally, research i...
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