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Technology can also provide self modeling

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Unformatted text preview: u how to improve your golf swing or how to use software packages. This potential has also been incorporated into some intelligent tutor systems. For example, Wordmath is a computer-assisted cognitive apprenticeship for teaching nine to twelve-year-old students to solve story problems (Looi & Tan, 1998). This system supplies modeling to students through its “Model Solution” module. teacher problem-solving. This module provides examples of expert or As each step of the problem-solving strategy is demonstrated, the rationale behind the step is displayed in a “pop-up.” As is the case with all cognitive modeling, the procedure is demonstrated, while students get access to the model’s thought processes. Technology can also provide self-modeling opportunities for students. Self-modeling is an intervention that uses visual images of a student engaged in adaptive behavior to strengthen or teach that behavior (Dowrick, 1999). Selfmodeling typically involves having students watch taped segments that have been edited or produced to only show them engaged...
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