The space shuttle commander rieber 1992 is a software

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Unformatted text preview: hem understand key principles or ideas (Hanna, 1986). For example, Interactive Physics is a microworld that allows students to conduct physics experiments related to motion (Roth, 2001). Here are some other examples of microworlds or contexts for exploration of principles. • Jasper Adventures (CTGV, 1992) uses interactive video to engage students in simulations that require them to apply important mathematics ideas as they problem-solve. For example, in one 62 simulation, students need to use their math and problem-solving skills to rescue a wounded bald eagle. • Archaeotype was created by New York’s Dalton School as a way of introducing students to history and archaeology, This multimedia computer simulation involves students in a collaborative archaeological dig where they discover artifacts and research what is known about ancient cultures (Dimaraki, Black, & Brown, 1998). • The Space Shuttle Commander (Rieber, 1992) is a software simulation that teaches Newtonian laws of motion to elementary and middle school students as they attempt to steer a space shuttle in space. Technology as a...
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