The first idea is and our last of four points is are

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Unformatted text preview: ight important ideas or the structural organization of ideas in text without conveying additional content (Lorch & Lorch, 1995; Meyer, 1985; Meyer, Talbot, Stubblefield, & Poon, 1998). For example, authors may also use number signals so that readers know where they are in a series of ideas or a sequence of steps. “The first idea is...” and “Our last of four points is...” are examples of number signals. Authors may also signal text organization with an introductory or summary paragraph that discusses the organization of the reading, or they may put key ideas in bold print or underline them to help students know that those ideas are important. The paragraph heading for this section is an example of a signal, because it helps you follow the structure of this chapter. Although signals are typically thought of as device used in written text, they may also be useful in your teacher presentations or lectures. For example, you may stop after a major section of a presentation and review key points for students, or you may use sig...
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