The rapid unregulated growth of the internet poses

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Unformatted text preview: information available to learners on the internet has grown exponentially over the last few years (Norton & Wiberg, 1998). However, this rapid growth has occurred in a generally unregulated environment (Newby, et. al, 2000). By now you probably are aware that some web sites contain images and information that school districts do not want to make accessible to students. You will need to familiarize yourself with your district’s policies regarding the use of the internet in the classroom. The rapid, unregulated growth of the internet poses other challenges for educators. Web sites can contain inaccurate information, and 39 it can be difficult to identify the sources for the information being provided or even the authors of the web site (Cooke, 1999; Norton & Wiberg; 1998). Both students and teachers need to be critical consumers of the information they receive from web sites. Because of these issues, here are some simple guidelines for the use of the Internet in classrooms. • Teachers sh...
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