Their goal is to connect knowledge and skills from

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Unformatted text preview: mp; Evensen, 2000; Maxwell, Bellisimo, & Mergendoller, 2001; Ryan, 1997). Opportunities for learning and problem solving develop as the problem unfolds (Edens, 2000). For example, in the problem-based learning model Roots and Wings, students participate in simulations that require them to make decisions (Slavin, et al., 1994). In one scenario, they are playing different roles in a debate over environmental legislation, and they need to learn the necessary knowledge and research skills in order to participate in an informed manner. Learning Expeditions requires students to investigate questions like, “How can we tell if a community is thriving?” Multidisciplinary Focus. Although a problem may be centered in a particular discipline, students learn to use skills and knowledge from a number of disciplines to solve their 60 problem or answer their questions (Arends, 1997). Their goal is to connect knowledge and skills from different academic areas. For example, in Ann Brown’s (1990) Communities of Learning, students resear...
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