There must be appropriate feedback the feedback for

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Unformatted text preview: ome guidelines for selecting and using drill and practice programs. • Students should have control over the presentation rate of information so they can work at their own rate. • There must be appropriate feedback. The feedback for incorrect responses should not be more engaging than the feedback for correct responses, and feedback should not be so elaborate that it wastes time. • Drill and practice programs should be used to practice material that has been learned rather than for new learning. • Drill and practice programs use should be restricted to a few minutes a day. • Drill and practice programs typically work best for individual use to allow for the benefits of self-pacing. Information-Processing Theory and Classroom Teaching These theoretical principles developed for information-processing theory in chapter 3, provide the basis for the instructional techniques and strategies we will discuss in this chapter. 19 • Principle 3.1: Meaningful learning occurs when new knowledge is connected to existing knowledge. • Principle 3.2: Effective ins...
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