Chapter 7

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Unformatted text preview: r example, students who are learning how to count change might do so in terms of a school store or bartering system. You can stress the attainment value of strategy learning by including task value statements in the cognitive modeling of a strategy. Her is how Raul Jacobs does this with his special education students. • “When I introduce a new strategy, I usually do it when students are engaged in a task where that strategy is useful. I say, ‘I used to have trouble with this. let me show what I learned that helps me...’” Appropriate Levels of Variety, Choice, and Surprise Principle 6.4 has a number of implications of how we teach. From a motivational perspective, variety is important for maintaining students’ enthusiasm for learning and also your enthusiasm for teaching. Your ability to use teaching techniques and strategies from different theoretical perspectives will help you maintain that enthusiasm. Students’ engagement with learning is higher when they have some choice in t...
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