This is because modeling provides students with

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Unformatted text preview: ailored more directly to students’ needs. Social Cognitive View of Teaching Principle 4.1: Learners acquire important knowledge, behaviors and dispositions through their exposure to models has the most direct implications for classroom teaching. Modeling or teaching through demonstration plus explanation is an important technique for teaching skills and strategies. Modeling of Academic Skills and Strategies Modeling is an important component of many approaches for instructing academic skills and strategies (Duffy, Roehler & Rackliffe, 1986; Murphy, Weil & McGreal, 1986). This is because modeling provides students with examples of how a skill or strategy is performed successfully, and helps students develop the expectations that a skill or strategy can be learned (Bruning, Schraw & Ronning, 1999; Kauchak & Eggen, 1998). Obviously, modeling can be useful when teaching a physical skill like swinging a tennis racket, but it also can be very 44 useful for teaching cognitive or m...
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