This is how mary howe does it in her first grade math

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Unformatted text preview: teacher guidance and supervision. In its extreme form, open/free discovery would involve putting students in an environment full of potential experiences and asking them to select from these experiences and learn. In this extreme form the learners make all decisions about instructional goals, pacing, learning method, and evaluation. The teacher is available as a learning resource only at the discretion of the student (Rogers & Aston, 1992). It’s highly unlikely that you would see this extreme form of open/free discovery as the primary teaching strategy in public schools because it is a highly inefficient strategy when compared to guided discovery and direct instruction. On occasion, however, teachers may allow unguided investigation and exploration. This is how Mary Howe does it in her first grade math class. • “I like to give students free time to play with the manipulatives we are going to use that day. It’s interesting to see what they will do. In some case, they invent what I was planning to show them later.” 52 Suchman’s inquiry training. Developed originally for scie...
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