This is how robin osprey does this in her middle

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Unformatted text preview: mple, Smithtown, a computer simulation to teach microeconomics to students, provides a hypothesis menu that helps students learn to write more effective hypotheses. This menu prompts students to write their hypotheses in terms of the relationships among variables, and even suggests appropriate language for hypotheses (Shute & Glaser, 1990). Technology to Enhance Problem-Solving Capabilities Technology can be designed to enhance your students’ capabilities as researchers, and to support their cognitive and metacognitive processes. For example, a number of general-purpose technologies can be used to help students with some of the more labor intensive and repetitive aspects of inquiry. Computer programs can be used in data collection, data entry, and data analysis. Students can also use graphing programs or spreadsheets to enter data and to observe trends in their data as they are experimenting. This is how Robin Osprey does this in her middle school science class. • “I have my students use a graphing tool as they are collecting data. Occasionally, I have them look at trends in their g...
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