This is how sally porter uses direct instruction i

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Unformatted text preview: om and laboratory studies have supported the effectiveness of teacher-directed instruction, particularly if teachers are sensitive diagnosticians of students’ learning needs, and adjust how they teach to the needs of their learners (Weinert & Helmke, 1995). If students need to learn well-defined skills and information efficiently, and they have limited background knowledge, then direct instruction is a useful instructional strategy (Rosenshine & Stevens, 1986). This is how Sally Porter uses direct instruction. • “I don’t like to use a lot of direct instruction, but it is useful sometimes. I use it when my students lack background knowledge for something they will be researching or experimenting with in class. It allows me to make sure that all students have the knowledge they will need to be successful researchers.” Information-Processing and Technology The development of cognitive learning theories and advances in technology have historically been closely related. For example, the advent of the computer served as a useful concrete model f...
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