This process continues until students arrive at the

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Unformatted text preview: discovery is the process of translating experiences into new understandings. A number of different discovery teaching strategies have been developed (Weimer, 1975). Two of these, guided discovery and open/free discovery, provide a sense of the range of teaching strategies that can be labeled as discovery learning. Guided discovery is structured or led by the teacher. Teachers typically begin by providing examples and non-examples of concepts or principles, or they would provide experiences that can be used to induce a generalization. Students then hypothesize about the concept rule, the principle, or the nature of the 51 generalization. Students are provided with additional experiences, prompts, or questions so that they can test their hypotheses. This process continues until students arrive at the rule for the concept or the nature of the generalization. Figure 7.3 (appears at the end of the chapter) provides a guided discovery lesson for a simple concept. Open/free discovery is a discovery teaching approach with minimal...
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