Today we are studying triangles let me show you what

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Unformatted text preview: answer is incorrect. To frame 3. Go to Frame 2. 77 Figure 7.2. Sample Concept Map Example of a Concept Map (Adapted from Holly, C.D. and Dansereau, D.F. (1984). The development of spatial learning strategies. In C.D. Holly and D.F. Dansereau (Eds.), Spatial Learning Strategy: Techniques, Applications and Related Issues, pp. 3-19. New York: Academic Press. Knowledge T Flexible C Declarative T Propositions Behavior L T Procedural P C P T T Conditions Images Sequences L (Leads to causes or affects) • Knowledge affects behavior. T (Type of) – • Declarative is a type of knowledge. • Procedural is a type of knowledge. C (Characteristic of) • Flexibility is a characteristic of declarative knowledge. • Efficiency is a characteristic of procedural knowledge. P (Part of) • Conditions are part of procedural knowledge. • Actions are part of procedural knowledge. Actions Efficient 78 Figure 7.3. A Sample Guided Discovery Lesson for A Concept. Step One: The teacher provides examples and non-examples of the concept...
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