We have a class web page that my students have helped

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Unformatted text preview: raphs and make 64 predictions about how the graph is going to look later. I find it helps to have them write a brief explanation of why the graph is turning out the way it is. Technology to Present Findings Students can use technology to summarize and report their findings to others. General-purpose applications like multimedia presentation software, word processing programs, spreadsheets, and databases can be used for students to exhibit what they have learned. Additionally, programs like SemNet for Macintosh computers and Visimap for Windows machines provide students with visual and verbal screen tools for constructing concept maps. These concept maps provide a visual/spatial representation of students’ understanding of concepts and their relationships (Jonassen, Peck, & Wilson, 1999). This is how Octavio Moreno uses technology to have his students exhibit their learning in his fifth grade classroom. • “We have a class web page that my students have helped design. As they complete a research project, they post brief summaries of their findings on the web page....
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