You may need to teach your students how to search the

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Unformatted text preview: ould check out web sites carefully before designating them for use. Look at the accuracy of the information, and verify the authors of the site. • Schools should develop acceptable use polices for the Internet, and appropriate controls on the technology. As a new teacher, you should familiarize yourself with these policies. • Students should be taught to validate information by using a crossmedia check (additional web sites) and an inter-media check (different resources) (Norton & Wiberg, 1998). • You may need to teach your students how to search the Internet strategically for information. If they are not strategic, they often end up with much more information than they wanted or needed. 40 Technology and Managing Working Memory Load Educational technology can help your students manage the working memory load in instruction by taking over some of the processing tasks. Consider this example from John Saraguso’s biology class. • My high school biology students investigate the effects of different levels of four variables on the survival of plants and animals a small ecosy...
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