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Unformatted text preview: ental skills like how to design a study in science or how to use a reading comprehension strategy. Cognitive Modeling When you are teaching complicated mental procedures like long division, it is helpful to make your thought processes accessible to your students. You can do this through cognitive modeling, which is thinking aloud as you demonstrate a skill or strategy (Manning, 1991; Meichenbaum & Biemiller, 1998). Cognitive modeling can take the form of self-questioning or selfinstructional directive statements (Meichenbaum & Biemiller, 1998). “What is the next step?” or “What is my goal?” are examples of self-questioning. Examples of self-instructional directive statements would include statements such as, “I need to go back and check my answer.” or “I need to slow down when I re-read a passage.” Self-questioning and self-instructional directive statements can be used for the following purposes during cognitive modeling (Meichenbaum & Biemiller, 1998) •...
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