For example in a lesson on dividing fractions explain

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Unformatted text preview: f a concept definition. For example, in the case of a lesson on triangles, you would want to vary the internal angles while keeping the three-sided shape intact so that students understand how triangles can vary in appearance. • In the case of a rule, help students understand the reason for the rule, because it make the rule more meaningful and memorable. For example, in a lesson on dividing fractions, explain to students why they should invert the denominator before multiplying. • In the case of a procedural rule with multiple steps, focus students on the steps that determine success or failure, or that have been difficult for previous students. A third condition for intellectual skill learning is to provide sufficient retrieval cues. This can be accomplished by presenting verbal cues for the sequencing of component skills. For example, you could provide cue cards that list the steps of a procedure, or create an acronym for the steps. Finally, provide opportunities for effective practice of. intellectual skills. Chapter 7 provides the behavioral view of effective practice, and here are additional ideas that extend on the recommendations for practice provided in Chapter 7 (Yelon, 1996). 36 • Effective practice allows every student to participate and to receive feedback. For example, a teacher could give students small white boards for math practice. When students have finished a math problem, they can show their work to the teacher. • Effective practice aligns to how students need to recall or apply the intellectual skill. T\Teach intellectual skills in terms of their intended use. For example, show how an environmental science procedure is used in the field. • Effective practice should provide opportunities to apply intellectual skills in varied contexts, and the practice should be distributed over time. The use of varied examples and practice contexts is very important in facilitating transfer (Driscoll, 1994). Conditions for attitudes. The first condition of learning for attitudes is that students need...
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