Third it species the criterion for success which is

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Unformatted text preview: avior will be performed. Third, it species the criterion for success which is usually stated in terms of desired levels of accuracy and/or speed. Consider the following example. Conditions Behavior Criterion Given a worksheet students will 90% of the With fifty single- be able to time. Digit addition write the Problems correct answer 6 Objectives written in this format can help with lesson planning because the expected student performance is specified. The above example provides clear guidance about the type of practice students should be doing, and how students’ progress will be assessed. However, this approach to writing objectives has been criticized for encouraging teachers to focus on isolated, easily measured skills rather than on broader more complicated cognitive outcomes such as improved critical thinking or creativity (Linn & Gronlund, 2000). Additionally, these types of objectives have been criticized for being inconsistent with the goals of constructivist approaches to learning (Choi & Jonassen, 2000; Johnson, 2000). Cognitive Theory and Educational Objectives Measurable objectives have a role in cognitive theory, particularly in terms of the learning of specific procedural skills or facts. However, specific behavioral objectives may be less suitable for more complicated or higher-level cognitive outcomes. In lieu of these specific objectives, your objectives could be more generally stated such as, “Students will become more creative.” Although this objective addresses more complicated cognitive activities, it also makes instructional design more complicated because the objective is relatively vague and open to multiple interpretations. For example, what does it mean to be creative, and how is that assessed? Gronlund’s (2000) cognitive objectives resolve this issue by supporting these types of objectives with lists of more 7 specific behaviors that indicate that the broader objective is being met. Consider this example. Instructional Objective: Students will improve their ability to reason critical...
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