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Unformatted text preview: from the opportunity to balance self-initiated or selfselected learning activities with teacher directed or selected activities. • Learners need to construct knowledge though active and hand on exploration of their worlds. • Learners benefit both socially and cognitively from interactions with peers and other adults. • Learners benefit from cross-curricular learning experiences that promote connections across content domains. • Learning needs to be motivated students’ natural interests and desires to know. • Rich and varied learning experiences are needed to account for differences among learners. 69 Chapter 9 Tables Table 9. 3. A synthesis of Gropper’s routine treatments and Gagne’s conditions of learning for facts, concepts, and procedural rules. Type of Learning Outcome Gropper’s Routine Treatments Gagne’s Conditions of Learning Facts (Gropper) Students need to be told or shown what the facts are. Draw students’ attention to the important information to be learned. Verbal Information (Gagne) Students need to practice and review the facts either by stating or applying the facts, or both. Concepts A definition of the concept, and possibly some guidelines for helping distinguish related concepts. Examples and non-examples of the concept are provided. Provide a meaningful context for learning Provide multiple cues for recall and generalization of learned information. Help students recall relevant previously learned concepts. Focus students’ attention on the distinctive features of the concept being learned. Provide sufficient retrieval cues Practice that requires students to state the definition and to categorize or produce examples of the concept correctly. Allow for effective practice: Allow every student to participate and to receive feedback. Align practice to how students need to recall or apply the concept. varied Provide practice examples and with non- 70 examples and distributed over time. Procedural Rule (Intellectual Skills) The steps in a procedure need to be identified. Help students recall relev...
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