Chapter 10

Also learning occurs through the process of

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Unformatted text preview: n & Good, 1992). Historically, those types of classroom management ideas have been associated with humanistic and personal/social responsibility approaches to classroom management (e. g. Dreikurs, 1968; Glasser. 1969). These ideas were developed independently of constructivism, and certainly can be used by nonconstructivist teachers. However, they can support a constructivist view of learning. The discussion of these ideas is organized around the learning principles developed in Chapter 5. Principle 5.1: Learners Constructing Understanding 38 Students in a constructivist classroom are active participants in their own learning, and they take considerable responsibility for their own learning. Also, learning occurs through the process of investigating and solving authentic problems. If this principle were extended into the area of classroom management, students would be viewed as active participants in the classroom management processes of their classrooms. Obviously, one way to accomplish this is to involve students in important decisions about how the classroom will be structured. As a specific example, stu...
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