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Also students who are constructing their own

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Unformatted text preview: dents could have an active role in establishing the rules and procedures for the classroom. To be effective participants in the classroom management process, students would also need to learn the necessary problem solving and communication skills Student Involvement with Classroom Rules and Procedures Although terms such as rules and procedures may seem somewhat antithetical to ideas like self-directed learning, they play an important role in the constructivist classroom. Constructivist teachers need to prevent problems from occurring, and they need to ensure that necessary classroom structures like rules and procedures are in place (Evertson & Harris, 1999; Freiburg, 1999; Jones & Jones, 2001). Also, students who are constructing their own understandings need to do so in a safe and supportive environment, and rules and procedures help establish that safe and secure learning environment (Jones & Jones, 2001). The rules in a constructivist classroom would need to reflect a b...
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