Chapter 10

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Unformatted text preview: the goals, there are also general interventions for all goals. A logical consequence is a general consequence that is related to the misbehavior, is administered respectfully, and is 54 reasonable (Nelson, 1987). For example, if a student trashed a bathroom, a related consequence is to have them clean up their mess. It would be unreasonable to have them clean it with a toothbrush. Logical consequences are an attempt to discipline students in a way that does not further discourage them. Principle 6.4: Variety, Complexity and Surprise. Variety, complexity, and surprise all help promote curiosity and interest in students (Burden and Byrd, 1999). Interesting and engaging instruction is one of your primary tools for preventing misbehavior. Very simply, when students are disinterested in instruction, they will find other ways to entertain themselves. You may find it useful to review Chapters 6 and 7 for some particular recommendations for providing intellectually engaging instruction. Chapter Stud...
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