Chapter 10

Consider loretta gordons experience with one of her

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Unformatted text preview: try to extinguish a behavior it may worsen before it improves. This is called the extinction burst. Also, some students may become very angry and hostile at your attempts to take their reinforcement away, this phenomenon is known as extinction induced aggression. Finally, it may not be possible to identify or control all the reinforcers for a behavior. You may decide to ignore a behavior, but family members and siblings may continue to reinforce that same behavior. Consider Loretta Gordon’s experience with one of her middle school English students. • “I have been trying to extinguish John’s swearing. When I had a parent conference, John’s mother and father swore at each other as a part of their normal conversation. I knew why my attempts were unsuccessful, and I needed to talk with them about how they could help me” Presentation punishment. AS noted in Chapter 2, presentation punishment occurs when the likelihood of a behavior is decreased because that behavior is followed by an aversive stimulus. Verbal reprimands or scoldings 25 are a commonly used form of presentatio...
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