Chapter 10

During subsequent meetings students progress toward

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Unformatted text preview: 30 their own performance (Meichenbaum & Biemiller, 1998). Goal setting also is a way to involve students in their own learning, and to give them a sense of personal identity and purpose (Jones & Jones, 2001; Nakamura, 2000). Morris (1982) has developed the pow-wow goal-setting meeting as a way of making goal setting a regular part of a classroom management system. In the pow-wow meetings students and teachers sit together in a circle and each student sets and commits to behavior goals for the week. Each of these goals is recorded on a classroom chart. During subsequent meetings, students’ progress toward meeting their goals is assessed and new goals or better plans for meeting old goals are established. Mr. Gregory, a junior high science teacher handles goal-setting in a slightly different way. • “Each Monday students begin the day by writing in their journal. They tell me what they would like to do better this week, and how they plan to improve. I write back to them about their goals, and a...
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