Chapter 10

During the say step describe the procedure at the

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Unformatted text preview: ected behaviors (Instructor, 2002). For preschool or primary students, you might use the Say-Show-Check approach to teaching a procedure (Wolfgang & Wolfgang, 1995). During the “Say” step, describe the procedure. At the “Show” step, demonstrate the procedure or have a student model the procedure. At the “check” step, show either an incorrect or correct application of the procedure, and have students explain why it is correct or incorrect. When implementing a procedure, you may also find it necessary to have a signal that informs students that it is time for a procedure (Greenberg, 2000; Miller, 2001b). For example, you could flash the lights to let students know it’s time to clean up their areas, or a physical education teacher might blow a whistle to let students know it’s time to put equipment away. Effective Group Management Strategies From the 1950s through the early 1980s Jacob Kounin conducted a number of classroom observation studies that investigated the effect of teachers’ behaviors on student on-task behavior (Kounin, 1983; Kounin. 1970; Kounin & 10...
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