Chapter 10

Et teacher effectiveness training provides a number

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Unformatted text preview: Sometimes environmental factors may exist that need to be modified. To use a process like this with individual students, you will need classroom procedures that provide time to work individually with students. This is how Robin Quiroz does this in her junior high civics class. • “ I have a time set aside for students to catch-up on projects, to spend time discussing current events. It’s a time when they function on their own, and I use that time for individual conferences. Every student knows that we will have at least one or two of these a month.” Communication skills Effective communication skills are important for any successful classroom interaction, and particularly for problem-solving approaches to classroom management. Thomas Gordon (1974) in his book T.E.T: Teacher Effectiveness Training provides a number of recommendations for effective communication 42 skills in the classroom, but active listening and the I-message are two basic communication skills from T.E.T. Active listening....
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