Chapter 10

First the involved parties commit to mediation and to

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Unformatted text preview: lassroom is designated as a conflict resolution area. Teachers might also assign a time when this space is available, and a time limit for how long students may use this space. Other conflict resolution approaches employ peer mediators to guide and facilitate conflict resolution session (Chittooran, 2000; Peterson & Skiba, 2001: Schrumpf, Crawford, & Usadel, 1996). Peer mediation approaches to conflict resolution can be especially effective for peer relationship type issues that arise from misunderstandings, jealousies, or the ending of friendships (Wolfgang, 1999). In the peer mediation program described by Schrumpf, Crawford, and Bodine (1997), a cadre of peer mediators is trained to act as third parties in a negotiation between other peers. The goal is to find a solution to a problem that meets the needs of all parties involved, and the negotiation occurs through the following steps. • First, the involved parties commit to mediation and to following the ground rules established by th...
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