Chapter 10

For example rebecca lee a kindergarten teacher has

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Unformatted text preview: ivities like going to the restroom, going to the library, or using playground equipment occur with minimal loss of time and minimal distraction of other learners. For example, Rebecca Lee, a kindergarten teacher, has her students attempt to be quieter than they were the last time they walked to physical education. If they improve, there is a group incentive. 8 • Whole Group Learning: Engaging in some classroom activities such as volunteering to participate, seeking help, or turning in completed inclass assignments may reduce a learner’s time on-task and be distracting to others in the class. A procedure can minimize this potential loss of learning time. For example, Consuela Perez, a middle school math teacher, provides each student with a laminated card with a question mark on it. If they need help during seatwork, they place the card on their desk with the question mark showing. • Small Group Learning: These include procedures for activities such as how to get into groups and h...
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