Chapter 10

For example a teacher may save time by taking roll

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Unformatted text preview: itz & Hayman, 1976). A classroom procedure is a routine way of accomplishing administrative and learning tasks. For example, a teacher may save time by taking roll and a lunch count at the same time with a simple procedure. 7 When students’ names are called for roll, they respond with either “hot,” “cold” or “home.” These responses let the teacher know how many students need the “hot” lunch provided by the school cafeteria. The first step in establishing routines is to identify the areas of classroom life that could benefit from a procedure or ritual. In general, the following types of classroom activities may benefit from a procedure (Evertson & Emmer, 1982). • Use of Classroom Facilities and Resources: These procedures would be designed for tasks such as sharpening pencils, accessing classroom supplies, and hanging up coats. For example, Savage (1999) describes a secondary teacher’s procedure for “renting” classroom supplies such as pencils and pens to students who have neglected to bring their own to class. Students have to leave their driver’s license until the pencil is returned. • Students’ Behavior Outside of the Classroom: Some procedures are designed to ensure that act...
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