Chapter 10

For example a teacher who cannot tell who was talking

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Unformatted text preview: achers who are with-it are accurate in their responses to misbehavior, and they avoid target and timing errors in their reactions to students. A target error occurs if a teacher misidentifies the misbehaving students. For example, a teacher who cannot tell who was talking and keeps everyone in at recess has 11 committed a target error. A timing error occurs if a teacher waits too long to intervene. Timing errors often result in the escalation of misbehaviors, or the spreading of misbehavior to other students. For example, a teacher who fails to intervene quickly with a student who is throwing spit wads may soon have others engaging in this same behavior. The ability to demonstrate withitness often requires that teachers monitor more than one activity in the classroom or on a playground (Anguiano, 2001). Kounin (1970) referred to this ability as overlapping. This is how Grace Jones demonstrates overlapping in her high school social studies class. “I do a lot of group work. As I circulate around to listen to the • different groups, I make sure I kneel or sit in such a way that I can...
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