Chapter 10

Foremost among these strategies was withitness

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Unformatted text preview: Doyle, 1975; Kounin & Gump, 1974; Kounin & Sherman, 1979). He found that effective teachers had certain group management strategies that were effective in reducing or preventing student misbehavior. Foremost among these strategies was withitness, defined as the ability of teachers to communicate their awareness of what was happening in the classroom (Anguiano, 2001). In general, teachers achieve “withitness” by learning to engage in these types of monitoring behaviors (Emmer, et al., 1981). • They scan the room periodically, and tend not to focus too long on one student. • They stand or position themselves so that they can observe the entire classroom. • As students participate in seatwork or group projects, the teacher walks around the room and monitors the activity. • They limit the number of students at their desk to one or two at a time, so that their vision is not blocked. • They help the entire class with the first question on an assignment in order to determine if everyone understands the assignment. Te...
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